Research projects

My active research projects are linked to industry digitalization and smart manufacturing where I work in developing novel analytics and security mechanisms.

EU-funded projects

  • MC-SUITE: ICT Powered Machining Software Suite
    • H2020-FoF-2015. Ref. 680478. 2015-10-01/2018-09-30
  • Productive 4.0: Electronics and ICT as Enabler for Digital Industry and Optimized Supply Chain Management Covering the Entire Product Lifecycle
    • H2020-ECSEL-2016-2-IA. Ref. 737459. 2017-05-01/2020-04-30
  • PROPHESY: Platform for Rapid Deployment of Self-Configuring and Optimized Predictive Maintenance Services
    • H2020-IND-CE-2016-17, FoF-09-2017, IA. Ref. 766994. 2017-10-01/2020-09-30

Regional projects

  • SEKUTEK: Sekurtasun Teknologiak
    • Basque Government, Elkartek. Ref. KK-2017/00044. 2017-03-01/2018-12-31
  • POSIC: Nuevas aproximaciones para tecnolog√≠as de Ciberseguridad Industrial
    • DFG I+D. Ref. Exp. 93/17. 2017-05-01/2018-09-30.


  • Orona Group
    • Security R&D and consultancy. 2017-09-01/Ongoing.
  • CounterCraft
    • ICS Security R&D. 2017-09-01/2018-12-31.

Already finished projects can be found in the previous projects page.