• Quimicefa for hackers: Attacking (and trying to defend) chemical processes.
    Euskalhack 2017
    2017-06-24. Donostia, Basque Country.
    [Slideshare] [PDF Slides]

  • Cybersecurity challenges and solutions for IIoT and Industry 4.0.
    Hannover Messe.
    2017-04-26. Hannover, Germany.

  • Leveraging Multivariate Analysis to Detect Anomalies in Industrial Control Systems.
    Seminar in the DAT300 course of the Chalmers University of Technology.
    2016-09-15 Gothenburg, Sweden.
    [Slideshare] [PDF slides]

  • Industrial (In)Security
    Presentation event of the Euskalhack infosec association.
    2016-02-18 Donostia, Basque Country.